VIDEO: The Most Important Skill to Learn for the 21st Century Economy

What should we learn to be prepared to ever-changing world of the future? What skill will be the most important to ensure that we can navigate the uncertainty that we are facing today? How do we go about acquiring it and mastering it? In this video, I try to answer these questions based on my own experience. I was deeply influenced by thinkers such as Yuval Noah Harari for this piece. This video is part of the series “Redefining your relationship with Money, Time and Consumption: Lessons on pursuing a Value Rich Life”, an online video series comprised of short-form video essays about topics related to Money, Consumption and Modern Life. We want to share with you the concepts and habits that have allowed us to live life to the fullest on our own terms. We want these videos to be practical and inspiring. We want you to be able to learn from our experiences, and at the same time ask yourself the tough questions about the meaning and purpose of your own life.

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