The Perils of our Shared Madness

While I was horrified by the events that took place this week in Washington, D.C. and, in general, by the absolute abuse of the powers of the presidency that Trump has displayed (especially since the election), I have to admit that I feared worse and still do. The level of brightness or darkness of our future hangs on our shared response to the current moment in our cultural and political landscapes.

If you're from the left and thus feel no responsibility to display empathy and forgiveness for those whom you disagree with over your selfish need to promote your moral superiority, stop and reflect. You clearly do not understand what the problem is. Please learn from history and understand that, at this moment in time, our society needs to heal and come together to avoid the endless spiral of political and ideological revanchism. It will only lead us to mutual destruction.

I cannot stress this enough: this moment presents a wonderful opportunity to reach out to those on the right, who clearly feel that their side has gone too far, in order to begin to heal as a society. This is not limited to the United States, by the way (and if you think that, then you haven't been paying attention), extremely dangerous political and cultural polarization is happening all across the western world.

If you're from the right, I implore you to take this opportunity to reflect on what transpired this week to question your own beliefs and condemn the actions of your leaders. Politics is not an all-or-nothing cult, you can feverishly disagree with your own side and you should be the first to call out your leaders when they err. Your support for Trump, his policies and his allies is not an impediment to denounce his mistakes. You're not being a hypocrite by doing so and I, for one, will not take this moment to discredit you for changing your mind or disagreeing with your own side.

We can coalesce, in spite of our differences, in the name of building a society that promotes empathy, civility and respectful political discourse. This is the moment to do so. This will be our legacy for the future.

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